40 Year Reunion Pics

 Reunion pictures have been posted to the following pages. Click on the name to go to the page.

Tandy Bewley Hall Harold Perry Barbara Anderson Gaskins
Sam Ortiz Betty Robbins Fowler Angela Stewart Lewis
Jan Alexander Ripley Mike Marshall
Toni Terzian Wellhausen
Mike Patton Vance Gabbart
Linda Riddle Rankin
Kayla McMeekan Watkins
Patti Nations Pope
D. C. Roberts
Jamie Lacy Breed Carol Kennedy Hightower JoAnnah Goostree Potts
Larry Wellhausen Becky Lorensen Armstrong Jerri Smith Williams
Bruce Newman Rick Kinney
Martha Henry Dyer

We haven't changed a bit!!!!!!!




40 Year Reunion

October 2 & 3, 2009

     Abilene High Homecoming Weekend


 Friday, October 2
$20.00 per person 


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   5:15 pm  Tailgate Party at Festival Gardens in Nelson Park

                in case of inclement weather the Tailgate Party will be moved to

                    Craig Middle School - 702 S.Judge Ely (see the map above for S. Judge Ely)

                BBQ (Sausage, hamburgers, beans, potato salad, tea, peach cobbler)

  7:15  pm  Game Ticket to see Abilene High Mighty Warbirds vs. Ft. Worth Paschal


 Saturday, October 3
$45.00 per person

 10:00 am   Tour of AHS Museum and the campus

                Lunch on the patio (hot dogs, chips, dessert and soft drink)

                Meet at Mack's for memories, pink cookies, brownies and Dr. Pepper


  7:30 pm  Fairway Oaks Country Club - 34 Fairway Oaks Blvd
- Stan Chapman with Counter Clockwise
               Heavy Hors d'oeuvres and cash bar

               Dress = casual as in guys no ties and gals, well umm whatever you think best