Eagles Flyin High 69

Eagles Flyin' High in '69


 Wow!  Our own Mike Marshall and a friend, Joe Willy, wrote a song about our class.  Mike used to play with Old School a couple of years ago and they came to play at the  mini-reunion on 9/19/09.  Mike joined them to play the song for us.


Way out west when we were young, the year was 69
Abilene High, Friday night lights, cheerleaders looked so fine
It was always the same, after the game
We were all down at Mack’s in a line
Those burgers and shakes, and oh! Those pink cookies
As good as any mom could make
Friday night lights, Eagles flyin’ high, everybody’s tryin’ to make the grade
Well there’s Angela, Barbara, Becky and Belinda, Betty, Carol and Donna too
Eunice, Jenny, Kayla, Karen, Linda, Marylyn and Monnie doo
Cherry, Jamie, Melinda and Pam, Sarah and her horses too
Don’t forget the guys on the sidelines, Chevys, Mustangs, 442s
In the parkin’ lot, you know what they got, waitin’ for a smooch or two
Well it was ’69 everybody felt fine, Jimmy, Richard, Jerry and Steve
There’s Sam, Randy, Bobby, Mike, David and Harold and don’t forget Leroy’s sleeve
We’ve been to some mini’s, reunions that is, we had one in Abilene
Georgetown, Granger, Cedar Creek and Lubbock and Euless in between
Talkin’ bout girls that we liked, talkin’ bout teachers we had
The girls were all talkin’ bout the Paramount
In the balcony, the boys were bein’ bad
The girls were all talkin’ bout the Paramount
Where all the boys were bein’ bad.