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Sally Jean Woods

Sally Jean Woods

Information taken from an article in the Abilene Reporter-News on July 21, 2005

Sally Jean Woods, 54, died Tuesday, July 19, 2005, at an Abilene medical center.  Funeral services were at Elliott-Hamil Funeral Home Chapel of Faith.  Burial followed in Elmwood Memorial Park. 

She was a native of Abilene, born on May 18, 1951, and was a lifelong resident of Abilene.

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02/19/09 02:43 PM #1    

Richard Kinney

What can I say about Sally. Ride Sally Ride. Sally and I went to Franklin. Yes, I was one of the guys that used to tease her, I think all the guys did. She was so short she could walk under the doors without opening them, and too short to get a drink of water. But, she was too young to leave also, because she was about the same age as the rest of us. I remember trying to get a nickel coke with her at that blasted coke machine. It would either drop a cup and not put any coke in it, or it would pour the coke and not drop a cup. What did you expect for 5 cents. You would have to stick your hand under there and get some coke in your hand to drink it. She thought that was gross. Well, she was a girl and I was a guy. Get a life Sally........see you someday.....

02/19/09 11:40 PM #2    

D. C. Roberts

I remember Sally. The last time I saw her she was at Walmart and she and I talked for a long time.She was very opionated but aren't we all in some form. I do know she hung out with a lot of good looking girls in school.

03/14/09 01:07 PM #3    

Carol Beaty (Corley)

Yes Sally was very verbal and was until the end. I would always visit with her when she came into the doctors but she had no one. She had a sister that left home years ago and never returned. She lived with her mother and about 6 months before Sally died her mother dropped dead in I Hop from a heart attack. She was never the same after that and just gave up on life.And I do want to say she never grew up she was still about 4 foot tall. The staff and I helped her with her funeral so I guess you can say we were her family.Sally may you rest in peace.

03/20/09 09:27 PM #4    

Mike Patton

Yep, everybody teased Sally but she took it in stride and never let it get her down...outwardly anyway.

Carol, how do you keep your wings hidden?

07/18/09 04:39 PM #5    

Carole Wood

It made me so sad to read about Sally, to hear that she never really had anyone in her life. She longed for that, and didn't know how to find it. She followed me around at Franklin and at AHS, and while I don't remember being unkind to her, I don't remember being as kind as I could have been. She worked in my mother's day care center for a while after I left home and Mother said she was a lot like the kids themselves. She still had that innocence and knee-high attitude after all those years. Why were we all so hung up on appearance in those days? I guess all teenagers are. Remembering Sally makes me hope I've taught my son to be a little more accepting of people's differences and shortcomings. If I haven't, then remembering Sally is going to keep me humble. I have no ideas about heaven, but I do believe in God and I hope Sally is bugging Him to death right about now.

07/30/09 02:39 PM #6    

Jana Thompson

I liked Sally - I remember her in phys. ed. in Junior High and altho she was at a disadvantage she played dodgeball as good as the rest of us. She was hard to hit because she was so little and she won more often times than not. And Carol Beaty had wings back then too - she was also very kind to me in band - she was a great drum major.

08/28/09 11:17 PM #7    

Andrea Arauza (Townsend)

Sally Sally,what a spunky gal. I sat beside her at Lamar,sat beside her at FJH and sat beside at AHS. Sweet Sally Woods. She always had a smile, and was friendly to everyone. She may have been short but she had quick legs. I remember having to chase her down the hall to give her a pass from the office. I thought I would never catch up to her.
I'm so sorry she passed so alone. You are walking tall in heaven, Sally.

09/18/09 04:46 PM #8    

Steve Stegall

Sally Jean made her presence known at FRJrHI incl., our Eagles' circle and was with AHS' 'Battery' newspaper. Sally brought her father's Bronze Star from WWII to our 6th gr class. I believe she overcame any obstacle put her way..and, that was the "Sally" I knew 40 yrs ago.

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